Send Bag - the sustainable shipping bag

If you are an online retailer and want to make your deliveries sustainable, you switch your shipping to environmentally friendly packaging. This is often associated with high investments and complicated delivery routes. With the Send Bag, WEBER Verpackungen offers a clever, cost-effective solution that can be delivered at any time.

The Send Bag is made of 100% paper and is therefore a sustainable alternative to plastic shipping packaging and bulky cardboard boxes. You can also get the sustainable shipping bag with a bottom gusset and the shipping units are perfectly fitted.

A very efficient production process makes this sustainable packaging a readily available, affordable as well as high quality and durable packaging solution. Thus, the Send Bag makes it easier for any online retailer to switch from a plastic product to a paper alternative.

Shipping Bags

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Please note the following:

Sale to commercial customers only. No sale to consumers as defined by § 13 BGB.

Perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt

Der Send Bag und unser Loc Bag Mixed Paper sind so aufeinander abgestimmt, das Sie beide Produkte perfekt miteinander kombinieren können. So passt der Loc Bag Mixed Paper immer in den Send Bag.

In folgenden Kombinationen können Send Bag und Loc Bag Mixed Paper zusammen genutzt werden:

Loc Bag Mixed Paper

Send Bag

Größe S 17 x 25 cm

Größe S 23 x 32 cm oder größer

Größe M 23 x 30 cm

Größe M 30 x 37 cm oder größer

Größe L 27 x 35 cm

Größe M 30 x 37 cm oder größer

Größe XL 32 x 40 cm

Größe L 34 x 45 cm oder größer

Weitere Informationen zum Loc Bag Mixed Paper erhalten Sie hier.

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